Successful Robotic Cholecystectomy in a 93-year-old patient suffering from challenging intra-abdominal conditions

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A 93-year-old female visited Max Hospital Patparganj She was suffering from severe abdominal distress, high-grade fever vomiting and the inability to consume food After undergoing numerous Investigations and receiving treatment at a local hospital, a diagnosis of gall bladder perforation was established However, due to her advanced age and coexisting health conditions, surgical intervention was initially postponed, and conservative management was pursued before her eventual discharge

During the procedure, it became evident that her gall bladder not only harboured a substantially Sealed perforation but was also filled with pus A Cholecysto-duodenal Fistula, a fistulous tract between the gall bladder and the duodenum, was also identified. Dense adhesions interconnected the gall bladder, omentum, bowel loops, and the anterior abdominal wall

Robotic characterized by its Surgery 30 advanced visualization, increased dexterity featuring 7 degrees of freedom, and unparalleled precision, stood as the pivotal instrument in this medical feat. The advantages of minimally-invasive surgery, including reduced pain, expedited recovery, minimal scanning and diminished blood loss, underscore the positive impact of such innovative techniques on patient well-being

Skillful robotic surgery facilitated the intricate process of adhesiolysis, the reparation of the fistula, and the removal of the gall bladder despite challenging intra-abdominal conditions, which included the presence of a large single stone.

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Dr. Vivek Bindal

Dr. Vivek Bindal Director & Head -Institute of Minimal Access, Bariatric, and Robotic Surgery