Laparoscopic / Robotic surgery for Hernia

Hernia is now treatable with minimally invasive methods in expert hands of Dr. Vivek Bindal, Vice-Chairman, Minimal Access Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

Laparoscopic surgery have made it possible to provide cure for hernia with small incisions, fast recovery, minimal pain and blood loss, and low recurrence.

Robotic surgery is the latest platform to perform minimal access surgery. It provides with better-advanced instrumentation, more degrees of freedom, three dimensional magnified vision, tremor filtration and many other advantages in performing the surgery. It makes surgery for complex abdominal wall hernias minimally invasive, more precise and leads to faster recovery.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) is the concept of reconstructing the abdominal wall anatomy, so that the functionality of abdominal wall is restored after hernia surgery. Dr. Bindal does all types of AWR procedures and surgeons visit him from all over the country and abroad to learn the hernia surgery skillset.

Dr. Bindal has been trained in advanced hernia skills and abdominal wall reconstruction at Cleveland Clinic Hernia center, USA. He has performed minimally invasive hernia repairs for extremely complex abdominal wall hernias. He has published in many international journals and is regularly invited to speak on the subject in national and international conferences.

Dr. Vivek Bindal

Dr. Vivek Bindal Director & Head -Institute of Minimal Access, Bariatric, and Robotic Surgery