Expanding Access To Robotic Surgery In India: Clinical Robotic Surgery Association Advocates Surgeon Training

Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) is making significant strides in India, transforming the landscape of soft tissue surgeries with improved precision, reduced complications, and faster recovery times. Leading robotic surgeons from the Clinical Robotic Surgery Association (CRSA) emphasised the need to train more surgeons in advanced surgical technologies during a media briefing in New Delhi.

Dr Vivek Bindal, President of CRSA, highlighted the benefits of RAS, citing better clinical outcomes, minimal access advantages, and shorter hospital stays. Stressing the importance of widespread adoption, Dr Bindal stated, “To make this technology available for all eligible patients, more surgeons need to get trained in robotic-assisted surgery. This will also enhance the adoption of robotic programs across the country.”

Addressing the training aspect, Dr Bindal emphasised the inclusion of advanced surgical technologies in medical curricula and training institutes, alongside ongoing familiarisation programs conducted by surgeons’ associations and global technology leaders like Intuitive.

Dr Randeep Wadhawan, Senior Consultant and HOD, Manipal Hospitals, Dwaraka, emphasised the significance of alliances with global leaders in robotic-assisted surgery. He suggested that partnerships, investments, and knowledge exchange would enhance the local ecosystem, leveraging the experience of international players.

Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP and Country GM, Intuitive India, highlighted the growing interest in RAS among surgeons. He shared that currently, there are over 850 trained surgeons across major hospitals in India, capable of performing a variety of robotic-assisted surgeries. Kumar emphasised the importance of comprehensive training and support in establishing strong robotic programs.

The collaboration between surgeons’ societies and global leaders like Intuitive aims to bring the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery to an increasing patient population.

Source : https://bwhealthcareworld.businessworld.in/article/Expanding-Access-To-Robotic-Surgery-In-India-Clinical-Robotic-Surgery-Association-Advocates-Surgeon-Training/01-03-2024-511722/

(Dr. Vivek Bindal, Director & Head- Max Institute of Minimal Access, Bariatric & Robotic Surgery, Max Hospital, Vaishali)

Dr. Vivek Bindal

Dr. Vivek Bindal Director & Head -Institute of Minimal Access, Bariatric, and Robotic Surgery