Dramatic life change after Bariatric Surgery

Many patients think that it is the beginning of new phase of their life. The surgery day is marked as a life changing day for the patients. Bariatric surgery offers a variety of health – benefits, including a reduced appetite. To get the maximum benefit out of weight loss surgery, one must follow a good lifestyle. These changes may involve one’s physical activity, eating habits and behavior towards life.

Physical Activity After Bariatric Surgery

After recovering, one should do regular exercise to build muscle mass and burn stored calories. People who exercise regularly after the surgery, enjoy long-term weight loss. Variety of activities such as:

  • Functional training
  • Swimming
  • Brisk – Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery

An individual will need to make various changes to the diet after the surgery. Initially, the patient will need to have a liquid diet temporarily and then slowly transit to semi – solid foods and then to solid foods. One should also make permanent changes to the diet, including:

  • Very Less sugar, aerated drinks and soda
  • More whole foods
  • Small and frequent meals
  • More of protein intake

Behavioral Changes After Bariatric Surgery

One need to make certain behavioral changes that affect the way you live on a daily basis. The behavioral changes include:

  • Drinking a greater amount of water each day
  • Cooking nutritious meals at home instead of eating out
  • Taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • Walking from one place to as much as possible instead of driving

For the best results, life after bariatric surgery should include as many of these changes as possible.

Dt. Mahima Bansal

Clinical Therapeutic & Bariatric Dietitian